December 2019: The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

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Stories between Worlds

Our December novel is The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. This beautifully written novel set in the early 1900s follows the heroine, January, in a fantastical journey of self-discovery after she finds a mysterious book. Spirited and brave January will do whatever it takes to learn about herself and her family, embarking on impossible journeys in this story of doors, books, and adventure.

Wild Roots Art of Kamloops, BC, created a beautiful, exclusive Collage Print with a wonderful quote from WB Yeats especially for Callisto Crate, invoking a sense of magic and adventure so prevalent in the book.

The artisanal Wine Gums by Cellar Candy are made with real wine, which remind us of the drinks at the gatherings of the Archeological Society run by Mr Locke. Also, wine gums were invented in the early 1900s, which is also the time frame of this novel. NOTE: these wine gums do contain real wine and so do have a slight alcohol content.

This novel revolves around January’s notebook and the magic it invokes, so we have included a lovely Moleskin Notebook, a classic notebook used by writers and artists for centuries. We hope you can create something magical with your notebook as well.

Adventure, keys, and doors are central to the novel, so we have included a cute Adventure Awaits keychain.

The bookmark contains a simple quote from the book, but one which is sure to appeal to every booklover.

Alix E Harrow was good enough to answer a few of our questions in the fun and insightful author interview found in the brochure.

November 2019: The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman


November 2019 Callisto Crate

November’s Callisto Crate book is the heartbreakingly and beautifully written historical fiction novel The World That We Knew by bestselling author Alice Hoffman. Survival, love, and putting yourself on the line for others and for what is right are all themes that are brought to life in this story of three remarkable women and their stories of trying to live and survive under the Nazi regime in World War II.

The wonderful Fleur de Sel chocolate bar is from Rebel Chocolates. Not only are the characters in this book rebels, the makers of this chocolate use only socially responsible resources, following the themes of the novel. Chocolate is also a decadent treat in the book and was in short supply in WWII.

Food is often in short supply in the novel, and one of the common meals is “hardship soup” or foraged mushrooms. We’ve included this beautiful Shitake Mushroom soup mix from Made With Love in Kamloops, BC to represent the food in the book.

The pair of beehive tea light candles made from bee’s wax from Epic Beeswax in Ontario remind us both the beehives on the farm, but also the light in the darkness that the characters helping the young Jewish children represent.

The handmade alder tea light holder is from Nature on the Inside in Newfoundland. Not only will this be a lovely way to burn your tea light candles, but the forest is a refuge for the characters escaping the Nazis in the book.

You’ll also find a beautiful bookmark with a quote form the book.

In the brochure, you’ll learn more about golems and our artisan vednors.

October 2019: Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline


October 2019 Callisto Crate

We are proud to present our October book, Empire of Wild by Canadian Indigenous author Cherie Dimaline. This gritty, compelling, and provocative novel skillfully combines traditional Metis folklore with a modern narrative for a story that is sure to have you thinking about Indigenous rights, modern development, love, and family. Joan is a determined heroine who we love because she is brave, persistent, and fallible.

The beautiful Night Creatures Magnet Set is from Kamloops, BC artist Jessica of Nature’s My Friend. The Rougarou, a Metis werewolf, is an integral part of this story, as is nature, and the night itself.

We couldn’t resist the delicious Bannock Mix from Ontario’s Harvest Foodworks, reminiscent of the bannock made and eaten in the book.

The gorgeous art card is a print called “Aniti Anemos” by celebrated Canadian Metis artist Aaron Paquette. The image of the wolf and the woman is powerful and perfectly fits the theme of the book.

We’ve also included a deck of playing cards with the Metis symbol, representing the Euchre that the characters play and the Metis culture of the book. We’ve even included the rules so that you can play a game yourself!

The bookmark is a beautiful wolf, so integral to the book.

Cherie Dimaline took the time to do an illuminating, exclusive author interview which sheds light on the book and her writing.

September 2019: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

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Our September read is the highly anticipated The Testaments by Canadian icon Margaret Atwood! This dystopian novel narrated by 3 characters takes place 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale.

Our first artisan vendor this month is Satene Naturals in Kamloops, BC who custom blended for us a unique Gilead body butter. In The Handmaid’s Tale, Offred uses actual butter to moisturize, so we thought you’d enjoy this sumptuous take.

The pencil set from local vendor Rainbow Punch Press is a fun way to signify how women were kept illiterate in Gilead, as well as to represent the feminist themes of Margaret Atwood and her writing — she has certainly done her share of creating herstory!

One of the most symbolic phrases in The Handmaid’s Tale is Illegitimi non carborundum, which means “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” It symbolizes hope, fight, and even camaraderie. To that end, we found these lovely stainless steel bracelets etched with this powerful phrase.

Our bookmark this month includes one of our favourite quotes from The Handmaid’s Tale.

Also included in the brochure is a fun word scramble puzzle based on life in Gilead, again because women were not allowed to read or write, and Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale loves to play Scrabble.

August 2019: Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong


Internationally bestselling Canadian author Kelley Armstrong has written a gripping thriller with Wherever She Goes. Every parent’s worst nightmare comes true when Aubrey sees a young boy get kidnapped at the local park, but when she reports the crime, she isn’t even believed. Aubrey has to decide whether to risk having her own secrets revealed and keep investigating or do what everyone is telling her to do, which is to leave the matter alone.

Wexford Candle Co is our first artisan vendor, supplying the hand poured, 100% soy wax Evergreen Candle. Aubrey first met the boy she later saw kidnapped playing hide and seek with his mom in the woods at the local park and these candles bring the feeling of being in the woods to life.

Squish, our second artisan vendor, makes artisanal gummy candies and these Brainstorm Gummies reminded us of how smart Aubrey is and how she used her brain to solve the mystery of what happened to the boy she saw kidnapped. We also think that Aubrey’s daughter Charlie would have enjoyed munching on gummies at her tea parties.

The Flash Drive represents the important flash drive in the book and the mad computer skills that Aubrey has.

Computers and hacking are a big part of the book, so these Computer System Fail Sticky Notes are a fun way to remind us how hard it can be to work with computers sometimes.

The bookmark for this month has one of the best lines we read in the entire book.

Finally, Kelley Armstrong was kind enough to answer a few questions about this exciting book for us in an exclusive author interview.

July 2019: The Traveling Triple-C Circus by Alanna McFall


Our July selection is The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus by Alanna McFall. Two ghosts and a mute mime go on a road trip across the country to attend a wedding in this unique, funny, thoughtful adventure. The unlikely trio explore life, death, love, family, friendship, and ultimately, what it is that keeps us going.

Island Nut Roastery on Vancouver Island, BC, our artisan vendor this month, supplied us with the ultimate road trip snack: delicious Sea to Sky blend trail mix.

One thing you always need on a trip is a good bag, so we’ve included a gorgeous canvass tote with a fun map of the world on it to spark your own dreams of adventure (the actual bag may vary, but will have a world map on it).

Walking across the country is no joke, and our human protagonist had very sore feet, so we’ve represented this with the socks. The cute kitties on it are for the kitten they befriend along the way and the paw prints represent their journey.

And what would a trip be without postcards to send home to your family and friends? We’ve designed some special ones for you.

There’s a lovely bookmark perfectly paired for this book.

And Alanna McFall has graciously answered a few of our questions for you in our exclusive author interview.

June 2019 Box: Bina, A Novel in Warnings by Anakana Schofield

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Our June pick is Bina: A Novel in Warnings by Anakana Shoefield. This Canadian novel is a darkly humorous, forthright, and entertaining exploration of one ordinary woman with an extraordinary voice and all that comes with it – including the messy business of living, violence, friendship, women’s voices, death, and courage. The compelling and uniquely told narrative will get you thinking and keep you turning the pages.

Our artisan vendor this month is Nuts 4 U Granola who supplied us with their wonderfully decadent grain-free chocolate peanut butter granola. We imagine that this is something the “Crunchies” squatting on Bina’s property would eat as they, without being welcomed, attempted to stand up for her.

The tea towel is covered in words of courage and empowerment and reminded us of Bina, using her voice to audaciously tell her story.

The envelope notepad directly reflects how Bina told her story, on the backs of envelopes.

Not only does the enamel pin featuring a David Bowie quote echo the book’s theme of life and death, Bina frequently dreams of the iconic pop star.

We couldn’t let a book of warnings pass without creating one of our own, so we’ve made fun warning stickers to caution people who might interrupt your reading!

Our custom bookmark this month follows the theme of writing your story wherever is convenient.

Anakana Shoefield was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about Bina for our author interview.

And, because June marks Callisto Crate’s 1-year anniversary, we have included a bonus item, a lovely pen for you to write your notes and warnings with.

May 2019 Box: Flowers Over the Inferno by Ilaria Tuti

$49.95 + Shipping SOLD OUT

Our May title is Flowers Over the Inferno by Ilaria Tuti and translated from the Italian by Ekin Oklap. We adored police detective Teressa Battaglia. She is a no nonsense, strong woman who has fought her way to her position of authority, but who is relatable with her health problems, tenacity, and temper. Here, this accomplished profiler, must solve gruesome murders where the murderer, uniquely, can’t be profiled. This is a fantastic and compelling twist in the police thriller genre.

Our first artisan vendor for May is Sew Studio Co in Winnipeg, MB who hand made these gorgeous book sleeves. The are a wonderful floral design, calling on the title of the book, and they are like a cozy blanket for your book, reminiscent of having to wrap up in the icy mountain setting of the novel.

Our other artisan vendor is Zack’s Coffee in Kamloops, BC. They roasted the rich espresso beans, not quite the coffee that Teressa drinks in the book, but Italian and definitely delicious.

The Licorice Wheels came from The Licorice Parlour in Vancouver. They are European licorice and are the same kind that Teressa keeps in her pockets and offers to the children she interviews.

This month we did something different for our box – we made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and they sent us these sweet packages of forget-me-not seeds. Teressa is having trouble with her memory in the book and fears a disease such as Alzheimer’s, so we thought it was fitting to support this worthy cause.

Our bookmark this month features one of our favourite quotes from the book.

Check out the brochure for our exclusive author interview with Ilaria Tuti. We found her answers to our questions as lovely as the writing in her book.

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April 2019 Box: Woman 99 by Greer Macallister


Our April read is the historical thriller, Woman 99 by Greer Macallister. Set in the 1880’s in San Francisco, Charlotte, raised knowing exactly what her social climbing mother expects of her, has to decide what she is willing to risk to save her sister after she is exiled to an asylum. Mental institutions are notorious for accepting women not only because they are insane, but because they are inconvenient or embarrassing, and Charlotte is determined that her sister won’t be cast aside, no matter the cost to her own well being.

Forest Garden Soap and Sundry in Kamloops, BC, our artisan vendor for the month, has made a gorgeous lavender soap, reminiscent of the ones made by the inmates at the mental institution in the book.

The women in the asylum are not given the dignity of their names, but have a number chalked on their backs every day and Charlotte’s sister is a passionate artist, embellishing the walls with colourful murals. The chalk pastels represent both of these. We have also included a sketchbook for your own artistic creations.

The inmates are fed terrible food. We’ve included some BC-made potato chips as a yummy treat representing the often-rotten potatoes they were served.

The asylum was divided up according to the 9 Muses from Ancient Greek myth in the hopes that each Muse would help a specific type of mental illness. We’ve made our own version of Muse Cards for you, explaining the art & responsibility of each goddess.

The beautiful bookmark this month features an inspirational quote from the book.

Greer Macallister was kind enough to answer some of our questions in an exclusive author interview you will find in the brochure.

December Box: Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik


Our December pick is Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. This cold, wintery fantasy is set in a mythical kingdom and has three strong women whose stories intertwine in this beautifully told tale. It draws loosely on the Rumpelstiltskin story where a young woman boasts about being able to turn silver into gold, and it compels you with heroines who are smart, fierce, and willing to do whatever it takes to survive. This is a perfect, magical book for those long winter nights.

  • Our local vendor this month is Global Goddess who supplied us with the delicious smelling essential oil, blended specifically for us. It includes tangerine, cinnamon, clove, and coconut oils for that cozy, wintery feel.
  • You can use your oil by putting a few drops on the felt discs and inserting them into the silver tree necklace. The silver tree plays a large part in the book and one of the characters wears a necklace made of fairy silver.
  • We have included milk chocolate gold coins and milk and dark chocolate bells from Purdy’s Chocolates here in BC for you to nibble on while you read. The gold coins are what the fairies are after and they always arrive to the sound of bells.
  • The fluffy reading socks are the perfect accompaniment to this cold winter’s tale so that you can be warm and cozy while you read (the pattern on the socks may be different than pictured).
  • You will also find a lovely, icy bookmark with a great quote from the book.