We are two strong women living in Kamloops, BC, Canada — Tara Pastro and Coreena McBurnie — who met on the playground and love books with strong female protagonists and compelling plots. We’ve enjoyed sharing these books between us so much that we decided to share our picks with other strong women!

Each month we scour the bestseller lists, bookstore shelves, and hound the people we know in order to find books that include at least one strong female — we keep reading until we find that a book that sets the hairs on the back of our necks on end, that grabs us and won’t let us go, even after the last page has been turned. Always, the books we choose have spoken to us, lingered with us even after we’ve turned the last page.

And, just when you thought our focus on strong female protagonists and their intriguing stories was enough, in every box we embrace these characters and stories and include related items that our subscribers will enjoy. Maybe it’s a tea that the main character drinks, or a type of candy they eat. Or a pivotal badass quote made into a postcard or candle. We work hard to include unique, sometimes artisan-made items that pair perfectly with the character and story theme.

To contact us you can send an email to: info (at) callistocrate (dot) com (replace the words in brackets with the symbols), or full out the form below.