Our mission is to share and promote books where women are strong protagonists and stand up for themselves; where they keep going against the odds; where they encourage us, in their own way, to see the value in ourselves and or others; books that have themes that push our boundaries; or authors   who are strong womenthemselves. These books may be inspirational, tragic, funny, sad, or magical and will represent different genres.

And, just when you thought our focus on strong female protagonists and their compelling stories was enough, we send your book in a box that includes items that embrace the characters and stories and include related items that our subscribers will enjoy. Maybe it’s a tea that the main character drinks, or a type of candy they eat. Or a pivotal quote made into a postcard or candle. We work hard to include unique, sometimes artisan-made items that pair perfectly with the character and story theme.


Meet our Team:

Coreena McBurnie

Books are one of her favourite guilty pleasures, Coreena enjoys reading them as much as writing them.



Tara Pastro

After a decade of working in internet marketing, Tara ventured into a real life job — of course that meant she was selling books. What a perfect job, don’t you agree?!






Callisto Crate in the Media:

Callisto Crate on the Kamloops Midday Show (Sept 7/18):