We get to read so many wonderful books here at Callisto Crate but we cannot put them all into boxes. Here are 5 great books we found that would make great summer reading.

Three Ways to Disappear by Katy Yocom

We absolutely loved this book—about sisters, but also about how we hide from each other and what happens when we take off the camouflage. Then there’s the tigers and life in India in a small town and how we are all connected to one another and to the natural environment. So interesting and well researched. Definitely worth taking to the beach this summer!

Dear Wife

by Kimberley Belle

If you’re looking for a thriller with interesting twists and turns, mystery, murder, and domestic issues, then this book is for you. This page turner, told from 3 points of view, tells the convoluted story of a woman escaping domestic abuse when a man comes home from a business trip to find his wife missing without a trace. You’ll hardly be able to put this one down, which makes it a great escape read.



The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson

This is a terrific, touching historical fiction story of Bluet, a young woman with a rare genetic condition that turns her blue. It’s the 1930s in Kentucky and racism and poverty are rampant. Bluet gets a job as a pack horse librarian and shares her passion for books by riding horseback through the mountains and delivering books to her isolated and impoverished patrons. This is a beautifully told, heart wrenching, yet inspirational story that is filled with humanity, perseverance, friendship, and love.

A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian

This book took us by storm and pulled us into the characters’ lives in the slum of Heaven in Bangalore, India. The book revolves around 5 young woman and deals with issues such as poverty, disabilities, LBGTQ, different expectations for men and women, friendships, and acceptance. The imagery and descriptions in this book are rich and evocative and the story will stay with you.



Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

This exceptional book explores women’s roles, choices, and expectations from the 1950s to today. It is the story of 2 sisters’ lives and we were drawn completely into their world by the wonderfully rich writing. Definitely a great read given the current #metoo movement. We love the way the book looks at the history of feminism and how far we’ve come and how much we have to lose and does it in a compelling and readable way, while also telling the story of a regular family doing their best.



These are just 5 of the notable books we’ve read recently that are great summer reads. What have you got on your reading list this summer?