We’ve just released our first introduction episode of our new, weekly, podcast, “She Reads Fiercely” and we’re excited to share it with you! It challenged our nerve to do it, but, it was easier than we thought and we’re pumped for the second official episode coming next Sunday.

Take a listen!


Welcome to “She Reads Fiercely”, a weekly podcast produced by Book Badass which is owned by me Tara Pastro, and me! Coreena McBurnie. Book Badass is a curated monthly book box featuring badass women characters.

Being avid readers and big fans of those strong female characters when we come across them, we realized that many other women are just as interested in reading those types of characters as we are.

So, we’re sharing our passion with you. “She Reads Fiercely” is where we will host conversations about strong women and female characters.

What does it mean to us to read fiercely? It means that we love books featuring strong women — we just can’t get enough of them. They even become a type of role model for us and our children. Also, and maybe most importantly, we use these books as a way to take time it for ourselves in our busy lives, because who doesn’t need more of that.

In our second official episode we pose the question, “What traits make for a badass female character?” We’ll share our thoughts and we hope you will, too. We’ve published a blog post where you can share your opinion by either leaving us an online voice message or replying in the comments section. You can find that post at www.bookbadass.com/blog. We’re excited to hear your thoughts so don’t be shy!

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We’re excited to have you aboard and we look forward to next week’s episode!

For a sneak peek and to share your thoughts on next week’s podcast topic, check out

What traits makes for a “badass” woman character?!


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